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Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

The estate offers a network of handmade trails within the 495 hectare nature reserve which vary in degrees of difficulty. The trails range from 5.2km Kids/Family, 7.3km Beginner, 12.4km Advanced and a 20.4km Technical.

Some are comfortable rides on the gravel roads but others, like the Advanced and Technical, include challenging single-tracks, loose surfaces, big drops and more demanding terrain.

The Kids/Family track has no technical aspects and is perfectly suited for a fun biking outing with bushveld and golf course views. For the Advanced and Technical tracks, you will need to be a bit more technically skilled to cope with the natural obstacles.

The trails provide wonderful scenery of the Waterberg bushveld as well as the resident Fauna and Flora. Mountain biking doesn’t come better than this.

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Family & Kids

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