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Board of Trustees

The following trustees were elected at the EPGR AGM on 9 July and portfolios were allocated at the first trustees meeting as follows:

  1. Jan Labuschagne – Chairman, Aesthetics committee, Hotel project
  2. Dawie Hattingh – Finance and Operations committee (Budget and financial control, levy collections)
  3. Marnus Kruger – Finance and Operations committee (Legal and corporate governance, levy collections support) and Security committee
  4. Chris Elfick – Finance and Operations committee  (Subsidiary Companies and finance support) and Hotel project
  5. Norman Kok – Golf, Golf Course and Water committee
  6.  Gerhart Meyer – Fauna and Flora committee, Aesthetics committee.
  7. Thomas Robbertse – Marketing committee and Aesthetics committee (support)

Marnus will in future be the liaison on legal matters, but please feel free to contact Chris or myself as well for issues currently in progress. Speaking of which, where are we with the re-registration of the lapsed rights?